The Ecosystem

Freedom to create your own customized solutions.

The actors involved in the ecosystem will be able to explore the platform with maximum freedom, creating and marketing their own solutions, with specific prices, policies and rules.

But regardless of the third-party initiative, various technologies, services and solutions will be made available, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of being part of Inkluziva.

INKLUZIVA Platform Environments

LMS environment with public data integrity on BlockChain

Support solution for academic management and monitoring of school activities. It will offer the following facilities:

  • Registration of the school and family profile of each student;
  • History of participation in one-on-one classes;
  • History of use of the other tools available on the platform;
  • History of each student’s performance evaluations;

Decentralized finance environment - DeFi (smart contracts, crypto asset movements, financial transactions and rewards management)

Solution for managing financial transactions carried out in the decentralized finance ecosystem. It will be the main instrument for enabling the appreciation of the acts of teaching and learning. It will offer, among others, the following facilities:

  • Availability of the token wallet of each ecosystem member;
  • History of currency movements;
  • Implementation of the smart contracts established for each member of the ecosystem, especially the rewards mechanisms;
  • Staking, lending, farming, burning, borrowing, liquidity pools, etc.;
  • White Label functionality for creating tokens and NFTs;

NFT Management Environment

Solution to support the creation, storage and management of NFTs contracts based on unique and personalized digital assets created by members of the ecosystem.

  • Contract registration;
  • Storage and availability of the NFT;

Learning Games Environment – Inkluziva Metaverse

  • Learning games menu made available to ecosystem members. Access to games will be based on the consumption and gain of digital currencies depending on the performance of each player.
  • Games to support traditional elementary education in VR format;
  • Games to support traditional high school education in VR format;
  • Games to support training and professional development in the new digital economy in VR format;
  • Games to support the generation of social impact in VR format;
  • Social Network Environment
  • Social network environment based on immersive experiences to regulate data on the behavior of individuals, especially students and teachers, in relation to aspects of socialization and community life;

Market Place environment

  • Environment for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies for products and services of various natures, including basic consumer goods such as food, clothing, medicine, school supplies, etc.;
  • Environment for selling NFT’s and marketing materials from INKLUZIVA and its partners:

Predictive Analytics Environment

Support solution for academic management based on the use of mathematical models that seek to map behavioral characteristics of students and teachers, based on data analysis of activities carried out, performance obtained and presence in available relationship networks. Always observing the limits established by the rules for the use of personal information.

  • Mapping of learning disorders symptoms: Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;
  • Mapping symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation;
  • Mapping of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms;
  • Suggestion of learning paths for students and teachers;
  • Mapping of teaching demands.

Educational Contents (TME and Distance Education)

  • Elementary and high school content adapted for TME with very high quality;
  • Training courses for elementary and high school teachers;
  • Preparation course for university entrance exams and selection processes;
  • Intermediate level professional courses in the areas of Administration, Sales, Cooperativism, Quality, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources Management, Legal Services, Technology, Secretariat;
  • Higher level courses.

Pedagogical Models

    • Customization and implementation of specific pedagogical models, aimed at technology-mediated education.
    • Board of Teachers and Specialists in Education for Teaching Networks;
    • Availability of high-performing teachers in the various educational contents offered;
    • Availability of a team specialized in teaching pedagogy for mentoring in the pedagogical models used.