About Inkluziva

Inkluziva is the first ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM WITH A DECENTRALIZED FINANCE NETWORK AND METAVERSE FOR EDUCATION in the world, which was created to face the challenges of education in regions with a fragile economy, with great inequalities and serious infrastructure problems.

The Inkluziva Project is an initiative by Óros Soluções Educacional, a reference business and global market leader in the segment of Technology-Mediated Education, which is controlled by ISG Participações S.A. ISG, a privately held corporation, which started its operations in 2006 and reached a multinational level, surpassing the mark of 3,200 employees.

ÓROS provides educational content of excellence to tens of thousands of students from schools in poor regions, where education does not reach many people and when it does, it happens in a precarious way. The goal is to bring quality education to those who need it, wherever they are, promoting social and economic development in poor regions around the world and transforming people’s lives.

Through a blockchain infrastructure, we will be able to revolutionize the global education market, fight social and economic inequalities, through the generation of income and wealth for people involved in the teaching and learning processes, especially teachers, students and their families.

Inkluziva offers a unique environment in which all actors in the ecosystem, at any level, can be remunerated, rewarded and recognized. The performance of students and teachers will be measured and managed in Inkluziva’s environments and will result in awards.

From schools, education networks, support activities, cleaning staff, concierge and coordination to actors indirectly involved in the educational process such as family members and the community will be able to interact with the Inkluziva token economy.


Offer cryptomarket investors a unique investment opportunity in the educational area, with high social value and great potential;

Offer specialized content in order to provide practical entrepreneurship experiences based on the 4.0 economy, including the tokenization of fungible and non-fungible assets (NFTs).

Attract specialists in Web 3.0 and the new digital economy, as well as education professionals, offering a professional qualification perspective and a promising horizon of digital entrepreneurship;

Attract public and private schools, networks and education systems to build their Web 3.0 and DeFi projects on BlockChain Inkluziva, ZICHAIN;

Attract public and private education networks to enter the cryptomarket, with the prospect of expanding their offerings;

Delight students and their families with the excellence of the content, the policies of incentives and financial rewards and the pedagogical models guided by the individualization and personalization of teaching;

Inkluziva will join forces with companies and institutions to solve the main challenges of education and bring knowledge and qualifications to those who need it, and, together, consolidate a business model of extreme value and in compliance with the standards of a company committed to socio-economic impact.

To learn more about the scope and beauty of our project, read our White Paper.

Welcome to the future of education!


Carlos Jacobino MSc.

PMP - Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of INKLUZIVA. Founder and Shareholder of Intelit Smart Group Parti cipações S.A. – ISG – Master in Informati on Science from University of Brasilia, UnB; Specialist in Project Management with MBA in Informati on Technology Management; PMP and CAPM certi fi cati ons from PMI (Project Management Insti tute); IPMA-C from IPMA (Internati onal Project Management Associati on); Scrum Alliance CSM (Certi fi ed Scrum Master); Offi ce of Government Commerce (OGC) ITILF; and Microsoft MCP (Microsoft Certi fi ed Professional); Project Management Professor and one of the oldest members of PMI-DF; In 2015 he received an internati onal award for excellence in training Project Managers from Timor-Leste;

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Cleidinalva Oliveira

Head of Education

Pedagogue, Master in Education, experience in higher education as researcher, coordinator, and teacher in the areas of Pedagogical Practice, Educational Research, Entrepreneurship, Didactics, Educational Technology, and Orientation of Course Completion Assignments. In elementary and high school as researcher, counselor and coordinator, acting in the planning, elaboration, training and implementation of programs and projects involving teaching methodologies with technologies. Experience in Classroom Teaching, Distance Education, and Technological Mediation. Experience in Classroom Teaching, Distance Education, and Technological Mediation.

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Marco Bettini

Chief Operation Officer

With over 29 years of experience in finance, business and management in companies such as Credicard – Citigroup’s credit card company in Brazil, University of Brasilia, Banco do Brasil and in the IT sector, creating and promoting business connections, partnering with the core business to increase market presence and expansion. With a degree in business management, also with courses in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, was elected Director of Market Relations and Search for Competitiveness of the IT Union of the Brazilian capital from 2007 to 2011. He was nominated for the Service Excellence Award, appointed Compliance Officer, and awarded at Credicard for promoting benefits such as quality and cost reduction in business.

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Kátia Motta

Chief International Relations Officer

A specialist in International Business, Katia was born in Brasília and has lived most of her life abroad — in Russia, the United States, and Ecuador. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Graduated in Economic and Administrative Sciences, Katia has more than 20 years of experience in business management and international cooperation, assuming positions of trust in the Private Sector, Public Sector, Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations and the United Nations.

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João Aureliano Neto

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated in Administration and post-graduated in the financial area, he has more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of new businesses, financial feasibility studies, strategic actions for cost reduction, optimization of financial results and reduction of operational risks. He is a specialist in the formulation of Economic Feasibility Studies, Accounting Statements, elaboration of Business Plans, Company Valuation, and the elaboration of Due Diligence of economic information. He works in the financial market, with investment and commercial banks, in the preparation of structured operations for fund raising (FCO, BNDES, FUNDING). In 2019, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of Junior Achievement of Distrito Federal.

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Lucia Soares

Chief Social Worker

She plans and coordinates the execution of corporate projects and events for over 30 years. She was superintendent of CRECI for 15 years. She has been the superintendent of SINFOR/DF for 20 years. In the private sector, she is active in prospecting new business for investor partners. She is the owner of the Programming and Robotics School, SuperGeeks, in Jardim Botânico. She was the owner of the Seu franchise for five years. In the third sector, she has been working for ten years on fundraising projects for philanthropic institutions. Director and co-founder of the Casa Abraço institute, located in Cavalcante/GO, an initiative aimed at supporting children and adolescents of Calunga descent. She is the owner of the Programming and Robotics School, SuperGeeks, in Jardim Botânico.

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Pablo Lima

Chief Marketing Officer

Professional with a background in Advertising and Marketing and Educational Technologies, with 20 years of experience. Producer and script writer, he has worked as Head of Marketing Communication in companies of various sectors, with emphasis on Information Technology, Civil Construction, and Shopping Centers. Coordinated entrepreneurship programs at the University of Brasilia, aimed at stimulating the entrepreneurial skills of students and researchers. Taught modules on Marketing and Business Plan, in training sessions at the Business Incubator. Coordinates ISG’s Communication and People Management Office.

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Mayana Valli

Educational Solutions Advisor

Business Manager with extensive experience in the information technology and services sector and strong sales expertise in business processes, project management, IT sales and service management, and educational solutions.

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Marcello Santos

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder

Specialization from PUC-RJ in Information Technology Consulting, Bachelor’s Degree from UnB in Data Processing Technologist. Consultant in Process Management, Business Modeling and Culture of Innovation. He was a founding partner of the companies Domínio Tecnologia Relacional and Memora Processos Inovadores. Currently interested in articulating and leveraging of new projects within the Brazilian innovation ecosystem.

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Dora Gomes

Public Policies Advisor

In strategic positions in the Federal Government, she has articulated with international organizations, chambers of commerce, agencies, and associations, in the area of institutional and international relations, in the ministries of Health, Defense, Education, and Infrastructure. In the private sector, Dora Gomes works in business intermediation in Brazil and abroad, strategic planning consulting, and has chaired global corporate events, technical, scientific, and B2B. She is the founder of the É Possível (It is Possible) project, a project dedicated to connecting opportunities with people willing to contribute to economic development through entrepreneurship.

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Anderson Camelo

Chief Product Officer

Systems Analyst with a career of more than 15 years, having worked in large multinational companies in the information technology sector, especially Capgemini and SAP. Since 2017, he has been the Executive Director of Óros Soluções Educacionais, having been one of the main people responsible for the consolidation of the Technological Mediation Program of the Education Secretary of the State of Piauí, the Education Channel. He is an audio engineer, music producer, and specialist in Distance Education and Technology-Mediated Education projects.

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Pricila Menin

Social Impact Advisor

Letéia Pricila Gomes, social name Pricila Menin, lawyer, journalist, publicist, post-graduate in electoral law at the Escola Paulista de Magistratura – Escola Judiciária Eleitoral, president and founder of the InvestBrasil Institute, and executive secretary of the Front in Support of Foreign Investments for Brazil in the Federal Senate, vice president of the Foreign Trade Commission of the OAB/RJ (22/24), honorary president of ABIME (Brazilian Association of Press and Electronic Media).

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Dr. Roberto Silveira

Head of Community

Clinical psychologist for 17 years. He teaches psychology courses on line and in person. Creator of the course The Law of Emotion that has already reached more than 5 thousand students. He worked as a psychologist and public servant inside the prison system of Brasilia, Papuda complex, serving prisoners of the“lava jato” action for 7 years. Currently works in the field of psychologyin private practice and hospital outpatient clinic. In the Blockchain technology business, he has had experience as a board member and partner of several projects in the sports and consortium business.

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Danilo de Falco

Technology Advisor

More than 20 years of experience in Information Technology. He is manager of IT services, acting in the area of system development projects and support, in addition to being an expert in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Web 3.0 and decentralized network, focusing on decentralization and security of companies in various segments.

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Gilberto Fernandes, MSc.

Specialist in Applied Research

Master’s degree in Information Science from UnB, Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks from Coppe/UFRJ, Degree in Eng. from UFRJ. Founding member of PMI Chap- ter-DF, with long experience in the Software Industry. Specialist in Software Engineering, in the implementation of application development processes and in methodologies for risk mitigation in R&D projects. Associate researcher from CPAI/UnB.

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André Siqueira, Ph.D.

Technology Advisor

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte/UFRN (1998), master’s degree (2008) and doctorateD. (2012) in Information Sciences from the University of Brasília/UnB. Extensive experience as an Information Architect, working mainly on the following themes: software engineering, informationware, information architecture, process management and project management and application of Methodologiesologies. Associate researcher from CPAI/UnB.

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Lillian Alvares

Specialist in Information and Communication

Professor at the School of Information Science at UnB and Permanent Member of the Graduate Program in Information Science at IBICT-UFRJ. He has done postdoctoral studies at Universitat Jaume I, Spain (2017)) and at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2021). D. in Information Science from the University of Brasilia and in Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication from the Université de Toulon (in cotutela) in 2010. Specialist in Competitive Intelligence from IBICT-INT-UFRJ. Master in Librarianship from UnB (1997) and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (1990) from the same university.

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